I have seen many discssions of "special conditions" for NOWS SBE. Is there a best practices guide? I would love to see a guide or white paper that states "How to set up SBE" specifically.

1. Does NSS need to have it's own physical drive?
2. Where should Groupwise be installed?
3. Is there a way to have groupwise start automatically on booting of the system or shortly after. (as SBS6.5 does)
4. What is the specific order of installation and setup conditions of the components? (edirectory, imanager, iprint, samba, NSS, etc.)
5. What sre the No No's? (will Yast prevent use of the internal tools)
6. Can the partition tables be modified and still have the components function?
7. What components are actually part of the SBE product? (SLES 10 SP2, SLED 10, Groupwise 8.0.1, Zenworks, Quickbooks, etc. or are some of these "trial products")
8. What about a plug and play image? Where the basic components are pre-installed and debugged. It might be easier to un-install components than to have to integrate various options. (ala SBS6.5)

Just a thought, maybe the users community can generate the Best Practices Manual. I am so tired of trial and error. The lack of official announcements for the product is quite disturbing, 2.5 is there then it is not.

What is Novell's official position?