I'm chasing some information as to where the Novell Application Launcher gets its variables from, in particular, for the user object's subfolder.

For myself and all the other admins i sit near, it appears to be populated by the Full Name attribute, but i have users at another site where this is populated by their user object's Description attribute. Their user object has a populated Full Name and when I delete the description attribute, the NAL launcher just displays their DN.

Does NAL user NDAP or LDAP to retrieve these values and is there a way to detect which server is being used for this lookup/retrieval (is it just your primary connection)?.

On one of the effected users PCs I started NALWIN using the command:-
nalwin /c="Applications for %Full Name%"
Their NAL window launched and displayed the correct Full Name in the title bar.

NAL is v7.0.1.0
ZDM is v7 SP1 IR3a HP2
eDir is v8.8.4
Netware is v6.5 SP8
Novell Client is v4.91.sp4

Thanks in advance for any info.