Recently upgraded from BM 3.6 to 3.7 (crashed server, seemed like a

great time to move up)
In 3.6 I don't believe I needed any filter exceptions for reverse proxies and generic reverse proxies, but now need them in 3.7? Is

If so, how should the exception be set up? I am not using a
secondary IP, just using the public IP of BM and proxy to internal
server. It works fine without filters loaded and with the exception listed below.

new packet type:

name: generic1
protocol: tcp
src : <all>
dest: 5000
ack : disabled
statefull : enabled

Then I create an exception of:
Src int: all
dest int: all
src add: all
dest add: public IP of BM

Is that correct? Should be specific on the interfaces? when I tried
be more specific it didn't appear to work.

Thank You,