OK, I've seen a lot about creating exceptions for standard FTP
However, I'm running a FTP server on port 50021, so I can't use the
FTP exception.

My firewall is working fine, I can connect as soon as I unload filtsrv
ipflt. All other services (webmanager, iMonitor, RemoteManager and
are working fine with the firewall enabled.

I created this exception to enable my FTP server:

Source: Any Interface, Any address
Destination: Public Interface, <server IP>
Service-type: ftpserver

Service-type is defined as follows:
Protocol: TCP
Source port: All
Destination port: 50021
ACK bit filtering: off
Stateful filtering: on

This actually makes it possible to login to the FTP server. However,
unable to start any data transfer or retrieve a dir listing.

Using the filter debug commands I see Discards for ports 1055 and up.
What can I do to get things working? I could use the "port limits forpassive connections" in my FTP server config to create a range of
ports to
use and create exceptions for those, but I want to open as few ports
on my
server as is possible. Stateful filtering seemed like the solution to
but that doesn't seem to work... Am I missing something here?


C. Kamstra
Systemadministrator Centrum '45