I have a multi-site network where I have three main sites with SLPDAs.

There are a number of smaller sites on WAN links that also utilise these DAs, however I must also have working multicast on each site so if the WAN link is down the local users can log into their local server (which has a eDir replica of the local resources).

I am running NW65SP8 (on VMWare ESXi 4)
The clients are WinXP SP3 with Client 4.91 SP5 with patches to 2nd October 2009.

I packet trace with the WAN link unplugged shows a two IGMP packets from the workstation at start up.

Source IP is the workstation, destination is asking for V3 Join Group of

There is no reply that I can identify.

I then see the client attempt to contact the 3 DAs (unsuccessfully of course).

Any thoughts on how I can troubleshoot this further ???