I've just set up a new Teaming 2 server on SLES 11 and have imported my
users via LDAP. However, they can't log in.

I've configured LDAP to use cn as the attribute identifiying the user and
supplied three Base DN's of


and set not to look into subfolders. (The reason being that we have ou's
students, conferences, expired, and services that I don't want to import
into Teaming)

None of the users imported via LDAP can log in.

catalina.out shows the following error for each user:

2009-10-29 10:10:20,314 WARN [http-8080-4]
[org.kablink.teaming.module.authentication.impl.Aut henticationModuleImpl]
- Authentication failure for zone 1: on: Bad credentials;
nested exception is rdDoesNotMatchException:
Password does not match for user [kablink,jdore]

So it appears that the username is correct, but the password data hasn't
sync'd, or sync'd correctly. How do I fix this?

Many thanks,
James Dore
New College IT Officer
james.dore@new / it-support@new