Here is what is happen at my office. I have NetWare 6 sp2 and BM3.7
install and working with no problem with stateful filter turn on for
about 6
months. After applying service pack SP3 on NetWare 6.0 and SP2 on BM37
filters stop working. Since my setup is pretty simple, we allow all
access to the internet using stateful filter and only allow incoming
mail to
our mail server via NAT and static filters. I decided to reset all
back to default. I when into Inetcfg and disable filter support and
unload ipflt, ipxflt and filtsrv. I then when into NWAdmin to delete
all the
objects under the NBMRules container. Let me NetWare server sync up
and then
deleted the filters.cfg file and reinitialize the system. Next, I ran
BRDCFG to configure the default filters and selected the public
interface to
lock it down. I then unload ipflt, ipxflt and filtsrv twice to make
sure it
was unloaded. I then load just filtsrv migrate to migrate the filters
edirectory. Now all the default filters show in nwadmin and in
filtcfg. but
When I try to add a stateful filter to allow all private traffic out
does not work. Even if I create to static filter for out bound and
filters it still does not work. But if I configure a filter to allow
interface to all interface everything works which is the same as
the firewall. I when through the readme file on both patches and
NW6SP3 said
it can re-name your network card names. I checked it in the
file and it was right. Is there any location where the board name may
changed or has anyone else having this kind of problem. Would backrev
and filtsrv fix the stateful filter problem or did I miss anything?