I have Junk mail handling on for one user in the GW client options, and locked the lists, address book, junk calendar and blocked list OFF. (I want to junk mail stuff that's flagged junk @ the gwia, but thats it). When I go into the client, I still have the option to turn all of those on and setup my lists, and I can rt-click a message and add it to the lists.

If I turn off that junk mail all together in C1 (at the user level), exit the client, and log back in the options are still enabled. I've even restarted the PO.
Same thing if I turn it on for a user that currently has it disabled -

I know C1 points at the domain db, and the client points at the PO... could this setting not be carried over from the domain to the PO? A synchronize doesn't fix it either. Have done a PO rebuild as recently as last week. ( but that was before messing with these options).

Any ideas?