Hi guys,

I have installed BMSP2 on NW6SP3 wiht 2 NIC(Public and Private). I run

DHCP, Proxy, Radius, VPN and enable Filtering.

I have a laptop's stand-by issue,I will describe what is happpen :

Most of the problem happened with Laptop IBM ThinkPad
T30. I test it on one DELL Latitude is OK.

First User Login from Novell Login Dialog box, with
VPN LAN selected. User can successfully Login to VPN
and NetWare Tree. But when user's laptop come into
stand-by mode and activated again, the user lost
connection with VPN and laptop became "hang" or not
working(we cannot do anything on the laptop). After
that we have to hard shutdown the laptop. It same
problem also happen when the laptop became hibernate.
It also happen even when the user didn't login using VPN. It just
when I install VPN client.
The user use VPN Client 3.7.2 and Novell Client
4.83sp2 and already do patch 483sp3d. The user use Cisco Aironet 350 Wireless.

Please need any advice.

Thanks and Regards,


Please help ASAP.