We have a newer installation of GMS 3.0.1 on SLES 10.2 syncing to a GW
8.0.1 POA on NetWare. We have Nokia e63 phones syncing with GMS.

The system ran fine for 10 days, now GMS will not sync with the POA. The
phones sync fine with GMS, but if you look at the mailbox in the web pim,
it does not update. I can telnet to both the POA and GMS. The POA log
shows the SOAP connection, but no errors. If I restart the GMS server,
it will sync once, then never again. If I stop the GMS services (asadb,
mobilesuite, securegateway) and restart them, it won't sync -- it takes a
server restart. I checked the logs, and they are full of SQLExceptions
and JAVA NullPointerExceptions, to the point that I don't know how it
works at all. I also don't know what I am looking at/for in the logs.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.