We have a number of workstations with the GW 6.5 Client
that we're looking to upgrade to GW 8.01. I'm confused about
the Windows Messaging Service.

On our Windows XP Professional we have (under the Add/Remove
Programs - Windows Components) Windows Messaging enabled.
I've also seen listed under our Installed Programs "Windows NT

I've read that if a GroupWise install senses Windows Messaging
as already there it won't install WMS, so . . . I don't know what we
have installed at this point. (Or even if it matters.)

If it's recommended to uninstall the prior GroupWise version,
uninstall WMS, reboot, then install the latest ExchangeServerMAPI
Client, then GW 8.01 . . . how far do we need to go to ensure WMS
is uninstalled?

I've seen the CleanIT.exe Utility recommended to help remove the
GroupWise Client (and Windows Messaging, etc.) but I'm still seeing
the Windows' Component for Windows Messaging enabled. Is that
ok??? Or is the CleanIT.exe not doing all it needs to do . . . meaning,
we need to disable the Windows Messaging Component as well.

Quite confused,