Hi All,

Anyone seen this problem?

We have a four-node cluster, each node has two HBAs. There are two Brocade switches, and finally a pair of clustered NetApp Filers, each with four FC ports.The fabric is meshed to give maximum resilience.
We have mulit-pathing enabled at the NetWare level (ie not HBA failover), and so the output from "list failover devices" shows us a total of eight paths, four via NetApp01 and the other four via NetApp02.

Here is the issue - NetApp instructed us to upgrade the QLogic QL2X00.HAM drivers to a specific version (7.00.01) in order to meet their supported environment conditions. Our initial driver was 6.90.xx (don't have exact details to hand).

Once we updated the .HAM driver, we found that we could only see four failover paths instead of the expected eight, which we did see with the previous driver.

We have another site with exactly the same configuration showing the same symptoms. To confuse matters further, we have a third site which is now using the same drivers, but a different NetApp configuration and only four paths - but we still see all four paths at this third site. If I was following the same logic as for the other sites, I would expect to maybe see only two now, not four.

Rolling back the driver version brings all eight paths back again...... but puts us in an unsupported configuration as far as NetApp are concerned.

So my questions are.....

Is there something in the new driver that maybe limits the total number of failover paths to 4 ?
Is there another load parameter I should be using?
Has anyone else experienced anything similar?
Has anyone got any suggestions?

The driver in use is QL2X00.HAM
The load parameters are /LUNS /ALLPORTS /ALLPATHS /CONSOLE

Between rock and a hard place as far as vendor support is concerned at the moment as they are all pointing the finger at each other.