NW65sp6 two node cluster servers abended 10-27-09 and Iím trying to figure out what (is) was problem. Servers did not create an abend.log. When servers came back up, the master node (BHNRC-S2) loaded all the cluster volumes and none were loaded on the server (BHNRC-S1). By default two volumes usually load on BHNRC-S1.

Iíve attached screenshots of console and HP mgmt logs. Hopefully someone can assist in determining what (is) when wrong. In the master server console log when servers came back up, I donít know what it means when it says ďnode appears to be dead while holding its lockĒ..

Screenshot s are from BHNRC-S2 the master node, BHNRC-S1 is the other node. Donít know that it means when in console log it says ďnode appears to be dead while holding its lockĒ..

The HP mgmt logs for the other node BHNRC-S1 had the following similar messages with slighlty different information :
ASR - Critical Ė 10-27-2009 3:13p -ASR detected by System Rom

ASR -Critical -10-27-2009 3:04P -ASR Lockup Detected: Code executing at NetWare OS address 106256h when ASR NMI occurred

OS -Critical -10-27-2009 3:04p -Fatal Exception (Number 14, Cause Abend: Page Fault Running Process: Apache_Worker 8 code executing in module LIBC.NLM v9.0d at offset +966A3h

Please advice. Thank you.

Note: i can only upload one file at a time, so please see other two following posts for other screen shots. thanx again.