When we image a pc and then freeze the machine the first time you plug in a USB device it takes upwards of 9 Minutes to install the USB device.
After that first device is installed every device thereafter installs in less than 25 seconds. Once I reboot that first usb device once again takes 9 Min.
I realize that is Deep freeze doing it's job. Has anyone found a way to initialize the usb controller so that first time plugging in USB takes less time?
If I thaw the machine and then plug in the USB device and wait 9 minutes for it to install. Then freeze the machine. Every device thereafter installs within 30 seconds even after a reboot.
However if I take an image of this machine once USB has been initialized and put it on a new computer I am back to square one again. The first device plugged in takes 9 minutes until I do the thaw, plugin, and freeze trick.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.