Hello, I need some help please :)

I currently have a NW 5.1sp2a w/ BM 3.6 box running and would like tomove over to a new NW 6.0SP3 / BM3.7sp2 with patches per Craig
site box. I would like to know what is the easiest way to move the
filters, rules, configs, etc to the new box. The new box only has
default filters set on both of my public interfaces. I understand
the filters in bm3.6 are stored in a text file and in 3.7 they are
stored in NDS, is this correct?

Second while setting up the new bm3.7 box I added a filter via filtcfg

and decided I did not need, so tried to delete and it keeps coming
back. I unloaded ipfilt, etc and then reinitialized system and when I

go back into filtcfg the filter still shows up.

Thanks in advance for any help guys!!!