I posted a mesage earlier but I wanted to make sure I had given all
the information that I had.

Here is my setup NW 6 sp2 bm 3.7 patched up to field patch 3. I have a
DMZ zone which contains our web servers. Our internal LAN contains the
Groupwise webaccess agent which I believe listens on Port 7205. I need
to know what filters I need to have to allow communication between the
internal LAN, and the DMZ zone and if I would need to have the ACK
bit enabled on either or both of the filters. If someone knows of an
example I could look at that would be great. In addition I have a
filter that blocks all traffic in and out of the DMZ. Are there any
other ports that I would need to open to allow GW webaccess to work.
Thank you in advanced.