Greetings all, I am relatively new to troubleshooting external mail issues, and have a question regarding an event reported to me by a selection of our user's. I've had a report that an external mail had come in to an account the was not addressed to the intended recipient in the "To" box. I've had a look at the offending mail and it is indeed addressed to an address that is in no way affiliated with the user in question. The address is a valid external address to another account on our system however. The mail source properties make no reference to the account it ended up and only reference the address in the "to" field.

I've checked the GWIA logs on our system and the mail was addressed to the account listed in the "to" field and also the account it ended up in with a lot of other recipients on my system at the same time. My question is how can a mail end up in an account that it is not addressed to in any fashion, and is it something I should be concerned about? This looks like a general SPAM mail, but does anyone have any views one way or another about it?

My GWIA is running on OES2 SP1. The agent version is 8.0.1 across the board for the GWIA and post offices involved.

I look forward to your comments :)
Rob Naylor