I'm trying to upgrade our GW 7.03 to v8.01. The primary domain upgraded fine. In C1, the version is showing 8. We do not have a secondary domain.

However, I can't get the POs to upgraded to v 8.01. The database version still shows 7 in C1. I'm following Danita's Upgrade Guide.

I'm doing the manual process. I've copied the updated agent files to sys:\system, copied the dc files to the PO directory, and copied the ofview files to the PO.

The PO agent loads and indicates version 8.01. The GWPOA.NLM is v 8.00.01 (August 25). I verified the dc files are v800. C1 has the v8 snap-ins. I've unloaded and reloaded the POA. I've even did a rebuild on the PO.

I've tried 2 PO upgrades with no luck. What am I missing? Again my primary domain is version 8.

Getting desperate,