GW8.0.1 client do not understand "Disposition-Notification-To:" ?

From the Internet (from send to the GroupWise eMail with option:
Inform when read mail (this is option for the Mail_client).

GroupWise Receive this mail - OK
GW client can open this e_mail - OK
But GW client not ASK - send confirm or no ?

Why this ?
In the header of the rceeived mail i see:
From: =?koi8-r?Q?=F3=C5=D2=C7=C5=CA_=EB=CF=CC=D4=CF=C7=D1=CE?= <>
Disposition-Notification-To: =?koi8-r?Q?=F3=C5=D2=C7=C5=CA_=EB=CF=CC=D4=CF=C7=D1=CE?= <>
Subject: =?koi8-r?Q?=D3_=D0=CF=CC=C5=CD_=D0=D2=CF=DB=D5_=D0=CF=C4= D4=D7=C5=D2=C4=C9=D4=D8_=C4=CF=D3=D4=C1=D7=CB=D5?=
Mime-Version: 1.0
X-Mailer: mPOP Web-Mail 2.19
X-Originating-IP: unknown via proxy []

"Disposition-Notification-To" - field from the RFC 3798:
RFC 3798 - Message Disposition Notification

GW client8.0.1 supported this field ?
If no - when will be ?