Well, BM has really taken a dive for me. iManager reports wrong IP
addresses (v1.5.1) in filters, if the right IP's are insterted, the
filters gets built with wrong ip's.
This has been reported by others as well.

My solution for now has been to use filtcfg and the filtsrv migrate.
However, I with to make a filter (which I've had previously) that
ping from a specific network (monitor of up/down), but not from
else, so I made a filter like this:

Source Interface Type: Interface
Source Interface: PUBLIC (Public)
Source Circuit:

Destination Interface Type: Interface
Destination Interface: <All Interfaces>
Destination Circuit:

Packet Type: ping-st Protocol: ICMP
Src Port(s): Dest Port(s):
ACK Bit Filtering: Stateful Filtering: Enabled

Src Addr Type: Network
Src IP Address:
Dest Addr Type: Host
Dest IP Address:
Logging: Disabled
Comment: Tillader PING fra FBR /KF

This doesn't work? I've also tried to specify a single host that is
allowed to ping, doesn't work either.
Also, when I work with the filters, I keep getting disconnected when I 'load ipflt' or 'reinitialize system'. (I'm sitting remote with an rconsole).

I have the tcp607jrev2 on it.