We have our SLP DAs running on NW6.5 and clients were configured to get their scope and DA info from DHCP. Worked just fine. Then we went to a new DNS/DHCP solution and had some issues with the scope coming down correctly. We decided to just scrap option 79 and let the clients query the DA servers for the scope. Great, we can pull up a tree list. But logging in fails with the "no tree or server" error. I did a Wireshark trace on my workstation and found that the login process only queried DNS and SLP multicast for resolution of the tree/context. Why will it not talk to any of the 3 DA servers that are in my config (tried both from DHCP and hard coding in the client properties)? And it's not a universal problem either. Some people in some sites are fine while others don't work. Is there some option that can tell it to use the configured DA servers before multicasting for it? We don't route multicasts as a policy so that's not even an option. It just seems logical that if you define something, you should use that before broadcasting for it.