Maybe it is not the right topic, but I give it a try.

We`ve installed a new windows 2003 into a NetWare 6.5 + Windows 2003 environment. And on this new server we cannot execute any exe files that are on the NetWare server. On the old windows server everything works fine.

4.91 SP2 installed on the old server, 4.91 SP5 on the new one, but I don`t think so that this can be a problem.

We are testing with the admin user on the new server, also giving supervisor rights to these volumes, files, but no luck.

Opening text or other documents (music, video, picture, zip archive) are working, so we cna see the content, hear the music, etc. Just only execut bit seems to hide somewhere.

Because the admin user working fine on the old server, I guess we should dig on the new server, instead playing around with NetWare file rights.

Any tip, idea is greatly apreciated.