We are now really ready to deploy Zenworks, but I have hit a major problem with logoff scripts, and have hit a brick wall on this, and need some urgent tech support. If we cannot resolve this issue, Zen will probably end up being dropped.

Basically we have a VBscript which is executed at logoff by Group Policy, which sends a snmp trap for the user logoff event to a system running Campus Manager NAC from Bradford Networks.

Works great until we install the Zen adaptive agent, then the PC sits there for 10 minutes waiting for the Group Policies to time out.

I have set up the same script as a bundle within Zen, and when the bundle is launched manually from a desktop shortcut, again it works great.

When the machine logs off, the script fails.

I have searched extensively, and posted on the Novell Zen forums nearly 2 weeks ago, and have drawn a blank.

Is there anyone you could pass this issue onto for a look, who may know what is happening. I will forward any logs, configs on or whatever is needed.

Any assistance you could give would be much appreciated.

Gary Dawes
IT Systems Manager
County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust