I'm having an issue with BM VPN. I have an end user on an XP laptop who needs to connect via BM VPN using his Verizon Wireless Broadband Air Card. The Broadband Cards are always listed under Dial-Up Connections in Network Connections, but after installing BM VPN, the dial-up connections are no longer there and if I try to manually create a connection, it is greyed out. Also, to no avail, the following services in XP are not turned on and for the life of me I cannot get them to start:

Remote Accesss Auto Connection Manager
Remote Accesss Connection Manager

From what I've read, these services must be on in order to create a new dial-up connection. The Broadband card refuses to connect due to the fact that a dial-up connection cannot be created. The Broadband card and software were installed and working before BM VPN was installed. I tried uninstalling/reinstalling BM VPN, but that didn't fix the problem.

Also, if I look under the Novell Client properties, Location Profiles Tab, VPN, Properties, Properties again, and finally the VPN Dial-Up tab, there is a message that says "A VPN dial-up initialization has occurred. Microsoft Dial-Up Networking is not installed." I don't know if this means anything or is related to the problem, but I thought I'd relay this information as well. I looked for ways to reinstall the Microsoft Dial-Up Networking, but all articles refer to Windows 95 or 98 installations. I've also reinstalled Windows XP SP3 successfully, but it didn't fix the problem.

Has anyone else ever ran into a problem like this and can help me? I'm so lost and desperate for help. Thanks.