This may be a very basic question but I am having some difficulties getting my imaging script to run properly from the Zeworks Imaging Engine. I know that you have to clear the Image-Safe Data before pushing out an image, by using the zisedit -c command. I usually run this command before pushing out test images that were set up using a hardware rule. This usually works well.

However, I would like this process to be automated by using an Imaging Script. When I try to push out my imaging script, I usually push F9 to query for any work to do. When this happens, a dialog box pops up that says: Advanced Script work to do (/bin/zenAdvancedScript) and then does nothing.
When I press F9 again to search for any work, a message box appears and says "No work to do"

I am wondering if the syntax in my imaging script is incorrect. Here is the script I am using:

zisedit -r

img -rp T40_zen0909.zmg -ip=
img -rp addon-image/GW703HP4-85a948b1beca70600fc201746e963be5-0000.zmg -ip=
img -rp addon-image/Pidgin255-79a3653ab064870aaa7f8cc40c94472b-0000.zmg -ip=

echo -n "Please enter the workstation name: "
read $WSNAME;
zisedit DNSHostName=$WSNAME;

If anyone can provide some insight to my issue, it would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.