Hi fellas!

If I recall correctly the filtcfg-part of i.e. NW 5.1 is the same BM
uses. So I ask here.

I want to use the filtering part on a NW 5.1 SP5 box to get an entry
in the LOG if/when a certain port get's triggered. The help within
filtcfg, Global IP logging sez: data goes to CSAUDIT.LOG in

Well: there is no dir "cslib" and if I create one there is no
csaudit.log created.

BSTART is run
mgrstart is run
and I tried
CSAUDIT (that creates a CSAUDIT.DAT within "cslib")

Q1: How do I get logging active? Do I have to create that csaudit.logsomehow and/or put it in BSTART.NCF?

Q2: Will PVSW be able to connect to that data and maybe export it?

Thanx in adv.