I'm testing beta2 of BM3.8 and I'm stuck on the very begining.
Server has 2 boards: private and public
NAT is setup for some inner servers on the same box
I setup BM with defaults, so everything on public interface is blocked

except for proxies and VPN.
So far so good (except proxy sometimes just stops working, and I have
reload it).
Now I want to enable one WKS with static IP to be able to communicatedirectly with internet with no restrictions.
This is what I did in FILTCFG:

Source Interface: (Private)
Destination Interface: (Public)
Packet type: Any

Src Addr Type: Host
src ip addre: 192.168.x.x (WKS IP)
Dest Addr Type: Any Address

But still this WKS gets blocked. This used to work with previous BM
(3.7), but I had NAT on different server.

Lep pozdrav/Best regards!

Mare Selan, CNE6,MCP
System Engineer