I am trying to upgrade my old Netware 6 server to Linux Oes2.
In order to do so I have to apply the bpg describeb in Novell online documentation and in particular :

- Running a Netware 6Sp5
- Running Nds in 8.7 format.

I have successfully updated all of my servers to Support Pack 5 but now I have to update the Nds to 8.7 version (Netware 6 is running a 8.6 version in normal case...)

For 2 servers out of 4 it's ok. I have successfully and independently updated the following components :

- Nici
- Nici W1/U0
- Nmas
- Ntls
- Pkis

To the required version.

Now I have to do the same for the 2 last servers but one of them is holding the master replica and the second one is holding a groupwise system.

Since this is very critical and mandatory for me to update this sever I would have appreciated to know your advices/best practices/issues regarding this upgrade.

Do I have to upgrade the master replica first ? or last ?

Do I have to do something particular in order to avoid troubles ?

Thanks for your help.