OK, I know there isn't a way these two events could be connected, but

here's what's happened - I was out of town for steps 1 and 2 and
people through doing them. #4 is really the crux of my question but,
the interest of completeness, I'm including what I know just in case
might matter.

1. One or more machines got that lastest worm virus.

2. All machines were run with Symantec's remover and MS' patch.

3. Email has stopped working on the machines that were treated to #1
#2 last week. Once the users tried to access their email, they found
didn't work. It's now Monday, I tried to fix their email, couldn't,
could successfully create an OE account on a new machine.

4. I can still browse the web from most machines but I believe that's

because the proxy at port 8080 effectively bypasses the filters -
correct me or confirm that I understand this.

However, at the machine I'm now sitting at, if I'm in the middle of
downloading patches from windowsupdate.com and IPFLT, the download
appears to stop; if I UNLOAD IPFLT, it starts again. I can ping very

little - DNS gets resolved but I get no responses. If, e.g., at the server I PING www.novell.com with the filters off, it works, but as
as I load the filters, it stops getting responses. If I unload the
filters, it starts working again. Since I'm doing this from the
I know workstation issues aren't involved, but I'm completely stumped
to what may have changed in the filter setup while I was on vacation -
one here knows enough to even find the place to change things, let
actually change them. If someone would be kind enough to provide a
checklist I'd be most appreciative. Here are some I can think of that

I've check:

Packet Forwarding Filters

Action: Deny Packets in Filter List

Filters: Packets Denied:
Source Packet Type Destination
All Any Public

Exceptions: the usual long list of things we allow through.

Many thanks in advance for any help. I'm thoroughly confused.