we had a server crash with two of the three drives failed. We went into the RAID controller and were able to get one of the two drives to return to a working state. However drive 0 was in a failed state. We inserted a new drive into the server and the server started to rebuild automatically. However when the process was finished and we restarted the server the SYS volume will not load. The NSS error is 20810 ERROR=zERR_volume_should_not_activate when looking at the NSS log we are seeing the following

SYS Maintenance Multiple Volumes
Multi use detect

Vol1 Active

We would like to be able to get the data from Vol1 if possible, but the server basically boots up to a prompt only (:) I was going to try and manually add the steps from the Autoexec.ncf but I do not have a copy handy and was trying to load it from another server. Any ideas about if or how we might be able to proceed would be great. Have not even thought about how this is effecting eDirectory is being affected as of now. But again any thoughts would be quite helpful.

Is there a chance that we can patch the server, or boot up using a SP8 cd and reinstall just the SYS volume and not affect the data that currently resides on Vol1?