NW 6sp3 bm3.7 sp2(or whatever the last sp is)
I could not for some reason make a statful TCP port 8080 filter
I could not make new access rule allow 8080 access either.

I did look at the default BM filters and copied it (see below) and it
allow the port 8080 access to the web server we are trying to connect

Source Interface type: Interface
Source Interface: public

Destination Interface Type: Interface
Destination Interface: <All Interfaces>

Packet Type: tea Protocol: TCP
Src Port(s): <All> Dest Port(s): 8080
ACK Bit Filtering: Disable Statful filtering: Enabled

Src Addr Type: Host
Src IP Address: 66.x.x.x
Dest Addr Type: Any Address

My question is? Does this create any "wholes" and is there away to
this to 1 user or private IP? I thinks I tried putting a IP in the
Addr Type:" but do not remember if it worked since it is late and I am

brain dead.