Hi all,

We are running windows xp sp3 blades that have specialised HP software used for sending the graphics to a thin client. To enable the user to be able to type their username and password once (ie, sso), the HP RGS (graphics sender) uses its own GINA.

As a result, this breaks the login sequence for zen 10. The machine gets all its allocations as normal, but the user has to manually login using the little Z symbol on the task bar.

Does anyone know of a way for me to automate the login sequence? Unfortunately changing the GINA is not an option unless nwgina has the ability to call a custom gina after its finished what its doing. HP's gina does not allow for chaining it to the NWGINA.
I was hoping perhaps there was a command line argument I could use for it to login with..

Also, we are an AD shop so there is no novell client installed.

Any ideas?