We have GroupWise 7.0.2 running and we have setup a GWIA server to use it for the IMAP/SMTP mobile connection. Everything is working great except that when a Mobile device or an Outlook client sends a message, the sent item does not go to the Sent items in the mailbox. With the Mobile device it saves it in the Inbox (received items) and in Outlook it saves it under the personal folder.

I checked the default location where you want to save the data in Outlook settings and the only option that we have is the personal folder and not the GroupWise server. But when it synchronizes with the server the messages go to the correct place (not the personal folder). {I hope this makes sense.}

Also another issue is that it does synchronize the Calendar but in message format and not an appointment format.

What can I do to make our Mobile users access more friendly.

Thank you