I can get this to image with the Bootcd but NOT through PXE. It stops the PXE boot after it displays the following:

ZENworks Network Management and Security V5.6 r1(Build 127)
PreWorx (Pty) Ltd.
Local IP :
Subnt Mask :
Transaction IP :
Gateway IP :
(all of these addresses are correct)

It has a SATA hard drive and if I remove the hard drive it WILL get through the PXE boot and go into the imaging menu. This didn't start happening until I upgraded my imaging drivers ZCM 10.2. I just installed the imaging patch for October (ZCM 10.2.1_October09). When in linux I can see that it is loading the 8169 module and it seems to work fine.

FYI - I have a mixed environment with ZFD 7 SP1 and ZCM 10.2. Both version do not work after upgrading to the lastest imaging update.