After Liferay portal is eleminated from Teaming 2, where are saved the user information?
And how can I reset the admin password in Teaming2?

Novell Documentation (http://www.novell.com/documentation/...birvvfh.html):
The Liferay portal is eliminated from your Teaming installation. The Liferay data is backed up, so if you have made customizations to Liferay, they remain intact, but the Liferay portal is not left in a usable state after the Teaming files are removed from it. If you want to continue to use Liferay, you must set up a new, independent installation of Liferay and transfer any customizations that you have made to the Teaming version into the new, independent version. To obtain the latest version of Liferay, see Liferay Portal.

After Upgrade from Teaming 1.0.3 to Teaming2 I noticed that SS_ZoneInfo is empty and in SS_Forums is an entry within name=liferay.com instead of kablink. I have done it on my own and tomcat started successfully, but no login was possible any time. Is there any known mistake in teaming2 update-script?