Hello !

Im experiencing a little problem on our NW 6 BM 3.7 server.
I think it is a filtering issue.

The server takes too long to boot. Ive read about going to MONITOR and

specify NCP Exception on Public Interface, but that somehow affects
server and by the time it is up again ( this time boots up perfectly quick ) does not let anyone log in ... even the TREE is not reachable

from "My network sites" ..

If I specify that ALL boards are an Exception, then iFolder does not
and an error on SSL secure port comes up, BM does not load either.

if I leave the NCP as it was before, then the server is still slow on
and loading.

Is it a filter i must do wich will solve this ?
let the SSL port on Public interface be reachable from ANY interface ?

does that solve this ?

I really appreciate your help.