Been fighting a recent problem with v8.0.1, where I suddenly get a rash of users calling in, saying GW is slow. I go to the web console, and see that there are a large number of Priority queues in OFS/1 directory. All queues get slowed down (duh) until this directory clears out, but the server is now getting hit hard with user requests that it usually takes some time (as long as 15-20 minutes) to clear up.

Per GW docs, the high priority /1 queue is used for remote users. Problem is, I have very few Remote users, and there's no correlation between those few users and the POs that are having problems. One thing I *do* notice, however, is that in each case, I have at least one user *showing* as a Remote/Caching user, with the following note:

GroupWise User ID [redacted]
eDirectory Login Name
Login Time 11/03/2009 15:51:56
Last Activity Time 11/03/2009 15:51:56
Last Online Duration 0 secs
Longest Online Duration 0 secs
Access Mode Batch Remote

Note at the time I copied/pasted this, it was 16:08 PM, and all the queues had cleared up about 5 minutes ago...yet this user still shows attached in "Batch Remote" mode. Also note that my Remote/Caching users, when they are connected, show up as "Remote" or "Caching", as in the below example:

GroupWise User ID [redacted]
eDirectory Login Name [redacted].ADMIN.HHCC
User IP Address 192.168.X.Y [10.P.D.Q]
Login Time 11/02/2009 17:09:26
Last Activity Time 11/03/2009 16:09:20
Current Online Elapsed Time 31 secs
Longest Online Duration 0 secs
Access Mode Caching
User Platform Windows
GroupWise Client Release 7.0.3 3-8-2008

Note the significant difference in the info presentation...

I called the first user, asked him if he was doing anything unusual, if he was also accessing via WebAcc, or if he had a handheld device (we support BES and NotifyLink here). Negative on all counts. Yet, he persists to show as a "Batch Remote" user.

I called the second user, asked him the same: negative. He did note that at times of high usage, when Online users complain, he gets "cannot connect" errors from his Caching client.

I'm stumped. I can't figure out who/why/what is causing these priority 1 requests that are occasionally hammering my post offices, nor can I figure out why users with no handheld devices and the good ole GroupWise client are showing up as "Batch Remote" users. I expect there's a correlation here...