Netware 6.0/BM 3.7
I have Craig Johnson's book on configuring filter exceptions.

We are configured using the Permit Packets Not in Filter List vice
Deny Packets in Filter List. Yes, I know this is the opposite of what
recommended. We have to have to ability to block all traffic based on
address and the only way to do that is in the Permit mode.

My problem is that in this mode all traffic is blocked to all
by default. I've created two filters that allow all traffic to and
the private interface to the internal network only, and one that
all traffic from the private ip address to the public ip address. All
my outgoing and proxy/reverse proxy filters work fine, and I can
the server from inside my network - except...

Startx (the gui) and iManager will not connect with filters enabled. Remote manager does work. If I disable filters Startx and iManager

I've done TCP and Filter Debug traces and don't see any packets being

filtered from my iManager web client. I do see packets from
to being filtered.

I've tried entering a filter to allow loopback traffic, but the system

won't allow it. I've searched to knowledge base and forums, but

Anybody have any ideas besides switching modes (not an option)?