We have 6 Netware 6.5 servers. One runs Bordermanager 3.8 SP5.

The version of TCP.NLM, TCPIP.NLM & BSDSOCK.NLM are different on the BorderManager server. The dates are the same, version and sizes are different.

The Bordermanager files are from a 6.92 family and the normal servers are from a 6.82 family. Is this normal?

Thanks!! The BorderManager server is having multiple abends (between 60 and 80 at time). We have Netware/OES maint/support but not BorderManager support, OF COURSE! The Netware/OES are pointing the finger at proxy.nlm. The 1st abend is not being recorded in the log for some reason, it normally starts off at the 4th or 5th abend. So I am not letting the OS techs off the hook just yet.

If it turns out to be proxy based, I'll be back!