following problem occurs on NW6SP2/3 with BM3.7SP2:

I want to log all "blocked" packets.
With the default values in ipkktlog.cfg it works fine.
But I want to have one logfile per day (00:00-23:59).

I changed in ippktlog.cfg:
LOG_FILE_ROLL_METHOD = from 3 (size) to 2 (days)
LOG_FILE_ROLL_METHOD_VALUE = from 3 (kb size) to 1 (days)
LOG_FILE_DELETE_METHOD = from 2 (delete based no. of files) to 1 (do
delete files)

After manually delete all logfiles und restart the server the first
logfile is ok (Day1). After the rollover (Day2), the new logfile
with zero bytes "00" (exactly so much how the filesize of the logfile

before [day1]), before the blocked entries begins. At Day3 the same
procedure: Number of "Leading" zerobytes from previous logfilesize,
the blocked entries.
After a month the filesizes are from 44kb to 2MB per file.

What I made wrong ?

I did'nt test an rollover based on "hours" of "24", but (not sure) I
before BMSP2, these settings worked fine.

Egbert Schaefer