We're new to iPrint (running via a virtualized SLES 10 SP2/OES SP1 backend with the 5.30 client on Windows XP SP3 machines), so my apologies in advance if this is a silly question:

Is there any way to enforce the aforementioned option so that it occurs silently client-side? We really need to enable auto-update of drivers/profiles (at least, that was a huge draw to implementing iPrint), but our users are complaining up a storm about how often they receive the iPrint update dialogue boxes (several times per day, even though we're not actively changing the profiles - maybe we're setup incorrectly).

Some users have as many as 7 iPrint printers available to them, so it is quite a nuisance. They don't care that their printers are being updated/deleted, etc, they just want them to work.

Thank you in advance for any information that you can offer. I'll submit an enhancement request if this is not possible.