I have a SLES 10+OES2 server which connects to a DAS via SCSI. From that device (/dev/sdd) there is an NSS DATA pool and DATA volume. It was all working fine until I uninstalled ifolder and rebooted, now the NSS pool and volume is no longer found.

In NSSMU there is no partitions, pools or volumes relating to DATA but the sdd device is still visible. The device shows:
Capacity = 819.72 GB
Partitioned Space = 16 KB
Unpartitioned Space = 819.72 GB
When I show partitions on the device it comes up with sdd1 Traditional.

In YAST>partitioner the partition type is displayed as Novell Netware, also the EVMS device/types/mounts are no longer there. I've tried activating EMS. NSS /pools doesn't display anything either. Furthermore in edirectory there is no _admin, SYS or DATA NSS volume objects for this server anymore.

As a test I've attached a new device and created an NSS pool and volume with no problems. To me it looks like the entire drive has been wiped so thats why it can't see the pools. But it has only been rebooted so it doesn't make sense. See screenshot attached.

Any ideas or things to try?