When replying back with a vacation message (or similar) to an outside recip, we are getting the following message:

>>> The message that you sent was undeliverable to the following:

techsupport@cybernetics.com (554 <Mailer-Daemon@sc2.irwd.com>: Sender address rejected: Domain not found)

Information about your message:
Subject: Re: Job 246: Copy successful ((Out of office))
GroupWise Message Id: 4AF1A8E7.461:96:43513
Message log tag: 890712
Number of send attempts: 1
Time of initial send attempt: 11-04-09 08:16:55

Other users are stating their 'number of attempts' are much higher.

This is a simple rule. Just replies back to 'mail'. No other params set.

Starting happening after we upgraded to 8.01 from 7.03.