Going to do the right thing and get the BM 3.9 upgrade ordered today. I have a few questions.

1. Can I install and use BM 3.9 before I get my licenses, I know legally I can't, but will it work? Older BM doesn't seem to care how many licenses you have or if you even have a license, is BM 3.9 any diff? Also can I download BM from Novell's site to do the install with. The upgrade will take a day or two to get in our hands, since we are doing an upgrade we have to run the license check stuff and what not.

2. Other then getting iManage 2.7 working somewhere, what other things do I need to look out for to do an in place upgrade? We use BM only for outbound proxy with SurfControl CPFILTER. No other part of BM is used. SLP, E-dir (8.73.10 whatever), etc are all in good shape.

3. Does clntrust need to be updated?

4. The iManager on all our servers is at 2.02 (we don't use it) so the Netware SP's installs never upgraded them. To get iManager 2.7 up quick and dirty I am going to just install it on a workstation till I have time to research the proper way to upgrade it on our servers.

Thanks! Any thing else you might have to add would be much welcomed.