Recently upgraded Novell client from 4.91 SP3 to 4.91 SP5 as Windows XP from SP2 to SP3 on enterprise image.

Since the upgrade Auto Admin Logon fails at the login screen with error "LDAP Contextless Login:No LDAP Server Specified". Once OK is selected on the error window the auto logon process is invoked and completes.

I remove Auto Admin Logon settings to manually login, no matter how quickly I attempt to confirm contextless login by entering a username in lower case and then tab to the password field to determine if it capitalizes the username, I can not recreate the LDAP error.

Used the exact same unattend file from 4.91 SP3 with the 4.91 SP5 client install. Confirmed LDAP servers are correctly configured in the client. Once logged on ping to LDAP servers does get a response.

This problem seems to be related to the timing of Auto Admin Logon invoking authentication prior to proper network connection. The reason I suspect this is because no Auto Admin Logon no problem. The only thing is if I roll the Novell client back to 4.91 SP3 it resolves the problem.