I am running ZCM 10 SP2 on SLES10 SP2.

When I create a bundle, I add system requirement filter to check if exist registry key for a particular key=No (which means the program has not been installed on the device), then run the msiexec to install the bundle.

This works i.e. when I associate the bundle to the devices, only devices that never have the program actually runs the msiexec to install program. However, after the install, ZCM agent properties show "failed system requirement" because the checking of the existence of the key fail (as the program installation adds the key) but the program works on the device.

However, on ZCC, it reported back all devices failed system requirement check so I can't tell if the program is installed nor if I can tell the program is installed by ZCM or by IT manually run the MSI install.

I have opened the case with NTS but I wonder if others have a similar issue and if there is a workaround?