Hi, everybody

I'm just starting our attempt to put together ZfD app packages for MS Office 2007. I've tried 2 different route with poor results for each. I'm looking for guidance and suggestions and, hey really, the simple final solution. :)

Objectives: Each app package will install locally one of the Office apps (e.g., Word) if it is not installed and then launch it, otherwise it will launch it. It gets installed locally to the C: drive using all the MS default choices, but runs from the desktop ZEN/NAL shortcut. All desktops are XP, not Vista or W7.

Routes tried and failed...
1) Simple app, uses distribution and run scripts to figure out if already installed, then installs using network shared drive and config.xml file for just the one app. The result ought to work -- no particular error in the package, those are fixed -- but what happens is something different each time with the MS setup.exe, and it never does complete without its own error (various and different each time). So, this appears to be completely unreliable because launching MS's setup.exe from a simple app is unpredictable and incomplete.

2) Snapshot of a successful setup.exe and config.xml install. This ALMOST works... well it does in fact work but the snapshotted app gives an error once it finishes launching -- "Microsoft Word Has Not Been Installed for the Current User" -- and exits. From the research I've done on this message, the MS program sees the "wrong" Windows profile on the destination environment, compared to that in the snapshot, and figures it's now been installed from a bootleg copy of Office 2007.

At this stage all I can think of is expletives. We've paid for everything, I've followed all the usual and customary steps, played by the rules, been polite (and also used the necessary computer swear words), and now I just want to insult everyone in Microsoft's marketing department for ruining everyone's life yet again. Can't we just do this, is it too much to ask!?!

Please help me. What is really going to work for distributing and maintaining Office 2007 apps using our ZfD environment? ALL USEFUL SUGGESTIONS WELCOME. Thank you. Bless you.

-Kent S.
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