I am running ZCM 10 on a Windows 2003 server and managing WinXPpro machines. I am having problems with the adapive agent on machines finding the management zone. When a machine is imaged, the workstation object is created in the web gui, and the correct bundles are associated to the workstation. However, on the local agent properties, no bundles are listed. Also, under 'Zenworks Server Properties', Management Zone/Server DNS/Server Address are all listed as 'unavailable', though the Device State is listed as managed, it shows last contact with server as the time that it was imaged, and the correct registration key is listed. When I run zac reg https://servername, I get a message that it is already registered. When I attempt to unregister (zac unr), it tells me No services to unregister and tells me to use f for local unregister. I do this, then register again, and get this message: Successfully registered with zone [could not determine] at URL https://servername. This is our first school year with ZCM, and I am now officially stumped. Apparently the local agent can contact the ZCM server but does not associate it with our management zone (glsd_zone).

Weve had a few other smaller issues that I think may be related and shed some light on this:

The data collection form has been showing up on machines that have already been imaged and inventoried. The setting for Launch Data Collection form is only set for first scan, so this should not be happening.
Machines that have already been imaged and had been working are all of a sudden not listing bundles in the adaptive agent properties and not distributing applications/icons that had been working up to that point.
Workstation objects in the web gui are getting duplicated the duplicate object has the same machine name with a 36 digit (guid?) number appended to it.
Applications that have already been installed on machines are being reinstalled.

If I think of anything else, Ill put it in as I think of it. Any help you more learned people can give me would be greatly appreciated.