I'm not sure if its the client that decodes the message or not so if I'm in the wrong forum please correct me.

I'm not a groupwise expert but I do know a lot about smtp/email and I'v analyzed how our groupwise system decodes MIME encoded headers and it does not seem to follow rfc2047, it ignores linear-white-space at the wrong places.

As an example we have an incoming mail with a subject header like this:

subject: =?ISO-8859-1?Q?=E4rendenr?= 12345

This is a proper encoding of a subject header that decodes to "Ärende 12345", without quotation marks and the first char is a swedish a with two dots over it if u cant read it ;)!

Groupwise decodes this as "Ärende12345", it ignores the whitespace between an encoded word and a non-encoded word which is wrong, according to rfc2047 whitespaces should only be ignored inside an encoded string or between two encoded strings. Strangely enough it seems that if it happens the other way around with a header like this:

subject: 12345 =?ISO-8859-1?Q?=E4rendenr?=

Groupwise decodes this as "12345 Ärendenr" which is correct. Of course you could encode the first example like this instead:

subject: =?ISO-8859-1?Q?=E4rendenr_12345?=

Groupwise would then decode this correctly as "Ärendenr 12345" but both ways to encode this is correct and Groupwise should decode both correctly. This also happens on other headers like a from: "firstname lastname" <emailaddress> and say just the firstname is encoded, Groupwise then decodes that as "firstnamelastname emailaddress". Is this something that is a general bug in Groupwise or is it possible to adjust this and something is wrong with our Groupwise installation?