Recently we had an issue in a remote office were a Netware 6.5 server had crashed and was down due to a failed Raid controller card. The "Server down" warning sent to any workstations that were on and connected indicated that the server went down at 6 am on a Saturday. No one was in the office that weekend, so the problem was not discovered until 7am on Monday.

The office manager's first reaction was why our IT staff did not know the server was down on Saturday and why we didn't start working on the issue until Monday.

To be proactive, I was wondering if anyone is aware of a utility or maybe a Cron script that could email my account once or twice a day to let me know the server is alive and running. The email would then be sent to my PDA from Groupwise. Or... better yet... an email that says the server just died would be nice.

Any ideas ?